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Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Property managers are busy people. They have to oversee the daily operations of real estate and physical property. Residential, commercial and land real estate need to be monitored. Some properties may be rental or business properties but residential homeowners often seek the services of property managers too.

It is a property manager’s job to care for and monitor property and they are held accountable for its condition. Property management requires the manpower to manage the lifecycle of all acquired property including its acquisition, control, accountability, maintenance, utilization and disposition.

For example, a homeowner may also own rental property and not want to deal with the daily aspects of managing it so they hire a property manager. The property manager will advertise the rental property, handle tenant inquiries screen applicants, conduct a move-in inspection and collect rent. Manager will also coordinate any maintenance issues and conduct move-out inspections. To say they are busy people is an understatement.

The role of a junk removal service in Property Management Services:

It is not uncommon for renters to leave a home in less than satisfactory condition. Renters can be hard on property and treat it less responsibly than they would their own home. There are many horror stories describing the mess and damage that a renter left behind.

Property manager’s job to ensure the property is cleaned up and ready to re-rent. That doesn’t mean the property manager must do it them self. It makes sense to hire an electrician for electrical issues and a plumber for plumbing problems, so why not hire a junk removal service to haul the junk away? It may seem like you don’t need experience to throw out and haul away junk, but to do it right you need a junk removal service.

Benefits of Hiring Property Management Services

There are several benefits to hiring a service to help you clear out what was left behind:


Property managers are generally not experienced junk haulers. They don’t know where to recycle electronics or major appliances. Property managers don’t know how to recycle green waste. They wouldn’t take the time to donate or reuse items in good condition. Dumping it all illegally or even in a landfill is a waste and dangerous to the environment.

You Can Focus Elsewhere:

If someone else is cleaning out the unit, it frees up time for you to focus on other tasks like finding new renters, checking out other properties, or getting caught up on paperwork.

Rent the Unit Quicker:

Often a unit will sit empty a little longer because you just don’t have the time to spend cleaning it out, hauling it away and cleaning it up. This costs you and the property owner money. A professional service will come in load it up and haul it away in a day which enables you to rent sooner.

Peace of Mind:

You not only have peace of mind, you also have the benefit of more time on your hands and the knowledge that the next time you walk into that unit it will be ready for you to do the required maintenance.

Jobs for property managers:

A professional junk removal service understands the need for proper waste disposal. They can come in and survey the job, then get to work in the most efficient way possible. Some examples of jobs they may take on for property managers include:

Eviction Clean Outs:

Some renters get angry about being evicted and leaving behind a mess is their way to get revenge.

College Student Homes:

Have you ever seen a house after a college party? Then you understand the need for a junk removal service.


Sometimes people come in uninvited and live in a rental they are not paying for. They usually leave the place trashed upon their exit.

Your job as a property manager is hard enough. Your endless task list doesn’t need to be bogged down with cleaning up behind tenants.

Hiring a professional junk removal company to help you with all your property move-outs will be one of the things you do that you wish you would have done a lot sooner.

Give yourself a break. Get your property rented sooner. Ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Hire Straight Haulin for your Property Management Services.

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